Unveiling the Future:

An Epic Marketing Campaign Across Major Channels

Embark on an extraordinary marketing odyssey with The Future of Things Expo, where innovation knows no bounds!

Our dynamic marketing plan is designed to cover all major social media channels, ensuring sponsors and exhibitors receive unparalleled media coverage before, during, and after the event. As we weave seamlessly into the tapestry of our audience’s daily lives, our campaign promises to spotlight your brand in the forefront of technological evolution.

Get ready for an unprecedented journey that reshapes the future, leaving an indelible mark across the digital landscape and the South African consumer!


Targeting Tourism Bodies and Educational Institutions
  • City Tourism Bodies: We’re partnering with Cape Town and Johannesburg tourism bodies to attract a diverse range of attendees not just locally but also from abroad.
  • Universities & Schools: Tailor advertising to reach potential attendees from relevant universities and schools.
Webtickets: Your Gateway to the Expo
  • Online Ticket Sales: We’re collaborating with Webtickets for seamless ticket transactions, ensuring a hassle-free experience for attendees and maximum audience attendance.
Targeted Campaigns
  • Paid Social Media: Sustain the buzz with paid campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Demographic-Tailored Content: Tailored short video interviews of sponsors will to uploaded to our digital platforms prior to the event, captivating the audience one month before and one week after the expo.


Media Coverage
  • Radio Stations: Secure interviews with SmileFM and HOT FM for post-event reflections.
  • YouTube Highlights: Event highlights will be showcased on YouTube, captivating a wider audience and setting up FoT 2025.
Comprehensive Marketing
  • Video Interviews: Keep the momentum alive with post-event video interviews across various marketing channels.
  • Post-Event Report: Provide a detailed report summarizing the success and impact of the expo.
Sponsors’ Spotlight
  • CNBC Africa: Our engagement with CNBC ensures we can elevate sponsors’ profiles with exclusive interviews on CNBC Africa, extending the exposure beyond the expo.

Share your details and secure your sponsorship and exhibition package now.